We source our turkeys directly from carefully selected farms in East Anglia. The turkeys are FREE RANGE so they roam as they wish between the fields and the open barns. The farms practice SUSTAINABLE FARMING, feeding the turkeys wheat grown at the farms and using the waste generated to fertilise the soil. And of course, their diet contains NO GROWTH PROMOTERS OR ARTIFICIAL ADDITIVES. 


Turkey meat is one of the most nutrient-dense sources of PROTEIN, with an average portion providing approximately ½ our daily requirement. It also contains all the essential AMINO ACIDS in proportions closely matched to our bodies' needs.
The dark meat in particular is a good source of ZINC, with an average portion providing 20% of our daily requirement. The meat also contains PHOSPHORUS, POTASSIUM, MAGNESIUM and significant amount of IRON.

It contains all the B VITAMINS, and is a particularly abundant source of NIACIN and B12, a nutrient that's prone to insufficiency.

Last but not least, we serve many SEASONAL VEGETABLE DISHES alongside our turkey meat, ensuring you are nourished every which way possible - all you need to think about is enjoying the food!


Male turkeys, or stags, make a gobbling noise and strut their features during the mating season. Female turkeys, or hens, make a clucking sound (hence the name Strut & Cluck, the co-founders being husband & wife!). 

Turkeys only lay about 100 eggs per year, a ⅓ the number of chicken. Most of the eggs are therefore used to produce more turkeys; small amounts are available for sale in Spring for a bargain price of up to £2 per egg!! The eggs taste like hens' eggs, but are much creamier, with a high yolk to white ratio.  

Every Christmas about 10 million turkeys are sold in the UK, yet for the rest of the year you'll struggle to find turkey, with free-range meat being virtually non-existent. However, in the US and in many European countries turkey meat appears regularly in menus and at home and is viewed as a desirable protein and a healthy substitute for red meat, pork or veal.